End of Lease Office Cleaning in Melbourne

If you’re nearing the end of your commercial lease, you’ll likely be aware of the need for a thorough clean to ensure the property is pristine for the next tenants. Whether you’re coming to the end of a lease for a retail business or you’re relocating your office to accommodate an expansion in staff, professional office vacate cleaning in Melbourne ensures you’ll receive your bond back while maintaining a positive relationship with the property owners, so it’s important to take it seriously if you wish to maintain that healthy relationship for the future. For superior end of lease office cleaning services in Melbourne, you can count on Extra Care Cleaning to get the job done right, attending to floors, walls and ceilings, staff kitchen areas, bathrooms and toilets, windows, and more.

Floor Cleaning

One of the most important parts of any vacate office cleaning process is floor cleaning, and Extra Care Cleaning can take care of all your floor cleaning needs. Our carpet cleaning specialists will steam clean your floors to lift out the majority of stains, applying industrial grade shampoos and cleaning products to any stains that are a little more persistent. For vinyl and linoleum floors, we know how easy it is for scuff marks and foods to leave tough stains on the surface. Our end of lease office cleaning specialists use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are just as friendly for the environment as they are for people who inhabit those spaces. When you need office vacate cleaning in Melbourne for spick and span flooring, call on Extra Care Cleaning today.

Wall and Ceiling Cleaning

One of the more obvious parts of vacate office cleaning that can get neglected is the cleaning of walls and ceiling. Unless there are obvious stains and cobwebs, these surfaces tend to be forgotten and left to collect dust. When you contact Extra Care Cleaning about end of lease office cleaning for your premises, you can rest assured that we’ll get your walls and ceilings looking spotless and free of dust, dirt, cobwebs and any other grime that could potentially become a health hazard. Our staff provides efficient and effective wall and ceiling cleaning services, using suitable cleaning products to ensure we don’t compromise the quality of the wallpaper or any existing paint job.

Staff Kitchen Cleaning

The staff lunch room is one of the most widely populated areas in a corporate or commercial workplace, so it makes sense that it will need significant cleaning before the new occupants take over the premises. Extra Care Cleaning will ensure every inch of your staff kitchen has been cleaned from ceiling to floor, including in and around the refrigerator(s) and inside all cupboards and pantries. Abandoned and expired foods can leave lasting odours in the lunchroom, which is why we’ll deodorise the carpets and other problem areas in order to leave the room smelling fresh and welcoming for the next tenants. As part of our office vacate cleaning in Melbourne, we’ll also clean all tables, chairs and food preparation surfaces.

Bathroom and Toilet Cleaning

Extra Care Cleaning can take care of cleaning your bathroom and toilet so you don’t have to. As part of your end of lease office clean in Melbourne, you can rest assured that we’ll give the bathroom and toilet a comprehensive clean, washing and disinfecting all surfaces and fixtures so they’re free of bacteria and viruses – not to mention dirt and grime. We ensure that all bathroom and toilet cleaning products we use as part of our vacate office cleaning in Melbourne are non-allergenic and environmentally friendly so everyone benefits.

Window Cleaning

One part of a commercial property that’s instantly noticeable if not tended to is the windows. Dust, dirt and debris from busy streets can quickly build up on windows and be hard to clean without leaving streaks and scratches if not maintained regularly. An essential part of our office vacate cleaning is a thorough clean and polish of the inside and outside of all windows on your premises. Using the finest environmentally responsible window cleaning products, we’ll leave your windows looking so sparkling clean and streak-free that you’ll barely notice they’re there!

To learn more about our vacate office cleaning in Melbourne or to make a booking, contact Extra Care Cleaning today.

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